Other Cleaning

Appliances: $25.00 per appliance

We offer inside and out stove and refrigerator cleaning. Let us know before your next appointment so that we can accommodate extra time in your home. We recommend clients to maintain their appliances clean to avoid damages in the long run. Price can vary depending on condition.

Cabinets: $3 per cabinet & $3 per drawer

Most popular cleaning for clients who are moving in and/or out of their homes as the cabinets are free of clutter. We will wipe the interior of all reachable cabinets and remove accumulated dust. Call us to schedule your appointment or send us a message using the “contact us” option. Price can vary depending on condition.

Windows: $5 per window

Give us a call to schedule your window cleaning. We will wipe and sanitize the inside of all reachable windows throughout your home. Prices vary depending on quantity of windows and/or if windows can be flipped to be clean inside and outside. Price can vary depending on condition.